Purity creates Clarity

‘Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they will see God.’

Matthew 5:8

Do you want to see God?

Like really, truly, want to see God?

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies when it comes to seeing God, Jesus says that those who are pure in heart will get to see God, but many of us struggle to experience God because of the murkiness of our own hearts.

Murkiness of our hearts can be from a number of different things, it can be from greed, lust, bitterness and jealousy but there are so many more things that can create a murkiness with our hearts.

God desperately wants to meet with us but unfortunately we are unable able to experience or see God when we have this blockade in between us.

If you are battling to experience or see God maybe its got nothing to do with God, he’s not withholding himself from you, maybe there is something there within you thats not allowing you to have a full experience of God who loves you dearly.

Do you see God … clearly? Ask someone that you trust whether they see anything within you that may be a barricade that stops you from seeing God.


Lord, we want to see you more clearly, help us to have a pure heart by discarding those things that create a barrier with you. Amen.


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