New Heart Newsletter

New Heart Newsletter

10th of June, 2020

Greetings to everyone who is taking the time to read this Newsletter, we hope that this notice finds you well and full of hope and grace that can only be found in our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Our aim with this Newsletter is to keep people informed at least once a week with some of the happenings around New Heart Church and to also use this as a platform to let people know what the process will be as we start coming out of isolation and back into some of the normal ways of life.

What a crazy year 2020 had been, it’s great to know that we have Jesus Christ as our solid ground when all other grounds are like sinking sands, we have been praying for all those who call New Heart home and we look forward to seeing people in person again soon.

Right now we have no immediate plans to open New Hearts doors for at least the next fortnight, we will continue with our online services and hopefully with the beginning of the new series we will have some more solid Open House groups meeting via Zoom and maybe some starting to open up for face to face gatherings.

In all things we want to protect those who are vulnerable and at risk with COVID-19, that means also waiting on what happens within our community, at the moment things are looking good for New Heart to reopen soon; as long as we have no more big outbreaks or more restrictions.

Another issue that we must keep in mind is that New Heart will have to follow the rules for reopening, so please be patient with us as we navigate those requirements and do what is best for all people.

Switching up our news a little, there is an opportunity for all those who consider New Heart home to meet, via Zoom, on the 25th of June at 7pm. This meeting is to have an open forum to talk specifically about the New Heart building; our lease is up for where we currently are and we need to decide whether we are capable of staying or wether it is time for us to try and find a ‘new home’. All are invited to come and hear some of our options to also ask questions about the future of our building; in all things God is good.

This Sunday we begin a NEW SERIES called ‘Follow Me’ where we will be challenged and encouraged on what true discipleship looks like according to Jesus and his teachings; we encourage you to be engaging online and looking for an Open House to join to grow deeper into what Jesus has for us.

We miss you all and we are praying for hope, health and grace.


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