James 1:13-14

‘When tempted, no one should say, “God is tempting me.” For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone;
but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their
own evil desire and enticed.’
James 1:13-14

“You should own it”.

These are words that we don’t hear much these days, the idea of personal responsibility is almost lost in todays culture especially when it is so enticing to sue the owners of the house you were trying to steal from.

“You should own it”.

Shifting blame or passing the buck has been a trait of humanity from the earliest of days, in fact it is a common trend throughout the whole of the Bible story; from Adam & Eve to the Pharisee’s battling it out with Jesus himself.

James, in his letter, suggests that sometimes we even try to shift the blame for our temptations onto God. James quickly states that God does not tempt anyone nor is he tempted; actually it’s the opposite, James says that every good thing comes from God (vv. 17).

The blame can only be placed on ourselves. YOU SHOULD OWN IT. Growth begins to happen when we actually admit that it was our fault to begin with, you will never overpower and take hold of your poor choices while ever you are blaming someone else.

Let me ask you a question today, are you really above having evil desires? Is it really beyond your own character?

Or could you admit that most of your poor decisions have come from something within you that desires a selfish outcome; let’s be honest every poor decision you’ve made as a common trend each time … you.

Today, I want you to accept responsibility for any poor choices you’ll make today. Whether it be in a poor choice of words, poor choice in what you watch/listen to or a poor choice in what you eat.

Decide today that you aren’t going to blame anyone or anything for your temptations, enticements or evil desires.


Lord, first of all THANK YOU, for all good things come from you. I choose today to own my own evil desires and temptations. I choose to stop shifting blame and take responsibility. Thank you that you empower us to take responsibility. Amen.


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