James 1:22

‘Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.
Do what it says.’ James 1:22

Do what it says.

A lot of people listen but not many people put into practice what they have heard.

How many times have you heard a great message, read a challenging passage or heard a story that inspires you? Its a great feeling to be inspired or moved but it really is pointless if we are not inspired to action within our own world.

Todays passage is simple and yet it is so challenging.

DO WHAT IT SAYS … what would your world look like, what impact would you have, if you just did what was asked of you by God? How many people would you inspire? How many lives would be encouraged?

Is there something that you’re not putting into action? Do you feel God challenging you to something bigger than yourself but you’re kind of avoiding it?

Then it’s time to get moving, put some things into action, do something!

Lord, we know what you ask of us, we are challenged by it. Help us to do what you ask of us, to do what your word says. May we impact and inspire the world around us by being people of action. Amen.


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