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How Do I Access New Heart Live?

  • Open a web browser on your device. e.g. Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
  • Browse to
  • Click any of the “Watch Live” buttons placed around the site.

There are some known issues with the YouTube apps built into TV’s and BluRay/DVD players that may result in playback issues for New Heart Live. We recommend using the YouTube apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play stores.

This is the easiest way we have found to get New Heart Live on your TV.

  • On your phone go to our YouTube channel.  
  • Sign in using your Google account.
  • Subscribe to the channel.
  • Sign in to the YouTube app on your TV or other device.
  • Go to the Subscription tab.  
  • Select New Heart from the subscription list.
  • Choose the New Heart Live Event Stream.