We are heading into a difficult season, especially for those who are elderly or those who suffer already with a medical condition. Although we may struggle to meet in large groups, there are ample opportunities for us as a community to bless and look after those who need to isolate during this period.

If you are willing to put your name forward we would love to partner you up with someone who is at a higher risk during this COVID-19 pandemic; That’s why we called this PARTNER UP so that people who are less susceptible can serve those that are considered higher risk.

We’ve summed this up with three phrases…

CHECK-IN – Make a phone call or Facetime

CHECK-OUT – Consider doing the groceries for those who will struggle going out. (This is not a financial commitment)

CONNECT UP – Help those who would want to watch New Heart Live during isolation

Some people may need help in one of those areas. There may be some who need help in all these areas. If you are willing to help that would be an incredible blessing to those who will find this season difficult.

Sign up and let’s prepare to Love Like Jesus.